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At our pre school, our aim is to provide a safe, secure, stimulating, warm and happy environment, where each child has the opportunities to:

Develop at his/her own pace to reach their full potential

Respect the needs of others as individuals

Acquire skills to help them in their later school life

Develop independance and a love of learning through play

Covid19 control measures:

The building is Covid19 secure with each hall using their own access so we are using the double doors to both enter and leave by. Parents and children wait in the car park observing social distancing and are called forward one at a time. Where possible children enter on their own, but for those still settling, one adult may enter with the child as long as they are wearing a mask. Temperatures are checked before entering the preschool and once inside, hands are washed with sanitiser. All resources are frequently washed with antibacterial solutions and resources that can't easily be sanitised have been removed. Children are encouraged to carry out good hygiene practices such as washing their hands with soap and water and using tissues for their noses, putting the used tissues in the bin and washing their hands. We follow the DFE guidelines and are alerted when any updates are made and adapt our practice accordingly.

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Tudor Cross Preschool

A term time pre school provider for children from the age of 2 years. Preschool - Waltham Abbey, Essex

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