Children are admitted to the pre-school from 2 years on a fee paying basis.

We do attempt to place all applicants. However depending on the numbers of places we have available, priority is given in the following order:

1. Children on the waiting list

2. Children recommended by Social Services

3. Children eligible and requiring Early Years funded sessions

4. Siblings of children who have attended, or are attending the Pre-school

5. Children who live elsewhere in Waltham Abbey

6. Children who live outside Waltham Abbey

Tudor Cross Pre-school application forms are available from the Pre-school.

On admission to the Pre-school, you will be asked to produce your child’s birth certificate and complete an application form. It is essential that we have at least two emergency contact numbers OTHER than parents included on that form.

We also ask for names of people who are authorised to collect your child. If anyone else, other than the named people on the admission form should try to collect your child, they will not be allowed to do so unless staff have been informed at the start of the session by mum, dad or carer and know the pre- arranged password. Permission from mum, dad or carer for the emergency collection of a child can be done by telephone. If you change any personal details e.g. your address or landline/mobile phone number, while your child is attending the Pre-school, please inform staff immediately. It is very important that this information is correct in the event of an emergency.