At Tudor Cross Pre-School the Southend, Essex & Thurrock (SET) Guidelines are followed. Mrs Burgess is the named person responsible for child protection issues and any concerns can be discussed with her in confidence. In the event of any concerns by the pre-school staff, it is our fundamental duty to inform Social Services. However, such occasions are very rare and parents would usually be consulted beforehand.

In circumstances where children become upset and need comforting, it is only natural and common practice to offer children the comfort of consoling and cuddling if they want or need it. If you do not want us to offer this contact to your child please inform us at the time of admission. This will be recorded on your child’s details.

In the event of any child needing hospitalisation for an injury or medical condition, we will inform the parents/carers immediately and seek medical advice. In the event of a parent/carer not being present when medical assistance arrives and the paramedics decide that a delay would be detrimental to the child’s wellbeing, a member of staff will accompany the child in the ambulance to the hospital and meet the parents/carers there. If you have any concerns with this arrangement, please talk to Mrs Burgess and it will be recorded on your child’s details.

We will not allow any person to come into the hall and collect a child without written or in the event of an emergency, phoned, consent from the named parent/carer.