At Tudor Cross Pre-School we feel that it is very important to develop good partnerships with parents. This will give your child the best possible start to life in the Pre-school.

Mrs Burgess and the staff are always available to talk to you. The beginning and end of a session is a busy time and you may have to wait until all the children have either come in or left before Mrs Burgess is able to talk to you.

Please make an appointment to see Mrs. Burgess if you would like to speak to her confidentially.

It is important for your child that he/she observes a positive attitude from you about attending Pre-school and knows that you are interested in what they have done during a session.

We know how distressing it can be if your child is crying when you leave them. We may suggest that you stay for a while until they have calmed down. However, our staff are highly experienced, so please take their advice if they quietly tell you ‘it’s time to go’.

One of the staff members will phone you to let you know that your child has settled if requested.